Shark Aid UK

Sharks are a hot topic and for good reason! Alex, Founder & Director of Shark Aid UK has graciously taken the time to answer some questions about why he created Shark Aid UK and shares his thoughts about our oceans. Share your thoughts about the fragility of the oceans and how you hope to make a […]

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We Are Water ~ Jill Heinerth

From under your golf course to inside the world’s largest iceberg, Jill Heinerth is perhaps more qualified than most to comment on the state of the world’s drinking water — she spends her life diving in it. While busily filming, editing and promoting the recently launched We Are Water campaign to raise public awareness about […]

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The Importance of UW Photography ~ Jim Dodd

Jim Dodd is passionate about underwater photography and the Oceans. Jim shares his thoughts on the importance of UW Photography in creating awareness and inspiring empathy for our fragile marine environment through the admiration of its beauty. How can UW Photography raise awareness? In today’s world it is much easier to raise awareness with photography than […]

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