Wetsuit Walk for Shark Conservation

What would you do to help save our sharks?? A group of dedicated shark lovers have organised a truly unique event to get the attention of the general public. 100+ shark lovers will be walking through town dressed in wetsuits handing out information and other goodies to help raise awareness about Shark Conservation.

The Wetsuit Walk is an event to get together, have some fun, and raise awareness for shark conservation issues. Shark lovers will get together wearing wetsuits (if you don’t have one, you can borrow one) and walk through Brisbane city, appearing to have either gone to or are coming from the ocean.

If you are not in the Brisbane area that is ok, please keep reading!!! You might get an idea to do something like it in your part of the world or you might be able to support the walk from a distance as we at Ocean Guardians are doing.

WETSUITS DON”T NEED TO BE ZIPPED UP (to save from overheating)

The aim of the event is to have the opportunity to speak to the general public and raise shark conservation issues as well as raising some funds.

There will be “Quick Shark Fact” cards to hand out while on the walk that will outline several basic facts about sharks and hopefully ease the general public’s negative view on these beautiful ocean creatures. We aim to raise awareness on shark finning practices, the import and export of shark fin in Australia, and other issues including the recent WA Shark Hunt.

Sarah Richmond from The Sarah Shark Project will be giving a talk about sharks with the aim to dispel the myths and preconceptions that exist.



- More people in America are crushed by vending machines than killed by sharks

- Ants kill more people worldwide than sharks do each year

- Over 73 million sharks are killed worldwide by humans

- If we hunt sharks, the apex predator in the ocean to extinction, the entire ecosystem will suffer, including humans

- and more to come…

So what can YOU do?

Obviously if you are in the Brisbane area you will gather as many people as you can, get on your wetsuits and join in on the fun!

But if you are not, please share this article with anyone and everyone you know that can either take part in the walk, who might like an idea for something to do in their part of the world or someone who can offer support to those who are walking!

The people behind the walk…

Miguel Garrido is the organiser of the walk and has had help from fellow dedicated shark lovers Amelia Armstrong from Snorkel Safari Brisbane and Sarah Richmond from The Sarah Shark Project.

Supporters include Snorkel Safari Brisbane, The Sarah Shark Project, Dive World, Uni Dive (TBC), Brisbane Freedivers (TBC), Australian Marine Conservation Society, Sea Shepard Gold Coast (TBC) and Project AWARE

Sponsors: Neptune & Sharkskin and SSI Australia

Promoters: Shaaark!, Stop Shark Finning, WiseOceans, HeartsforSharks Australia, CoralWatch

Ocean Guardians are donating t-shirts to help people be walking billboards for our sharks with two of our popular designs. One with a fun light-hearted design “Sharks are like Puppies really… they just have more teeth.” The other design “I Fear Sharks…” a statement that makes people look. We are hopeful to make them think about the true fear about sharks, the fear that one day they will all be gone!

Jim and Cherie from Ocean Guardians proudly supporting efforts to raise awareness to Save our Sharks!!!!!

In Brisbane? Get your wetsuit on and get behind this cause!

Saturday Nov 10, 12:30pm

Meeting Point 1: Snorkel Safari Brisbane

Meeting Point 2: Dive World

Meeting Point 3: University of Queensland (to be confirmation)

Join the facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/196854180449318/

Miguel can be contacted on 0404842616 and email miguel@brisbanediving.com.au

Amelia can be contacted on 0434103827

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!!  (if they don’t have a wetsuit the organisers can get them one!)

Please remember to bring water and that wetsuits do not need to be worn zipped up. The aim is to look like you are on the way to/from to the ocean not already in it.

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